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Kay Lee






      1.  an intense or abnormal fear 

                       of the paranormal, or of 


      •  darkness lit by shattered 

                       moonlight; a shortness

                       of breath, veiny heart beating

                       fast against ribs-

                       major-minor arteries pumping

                       blood fast-faster-fastest

                       goose bumps brush against skin- hairs


                             •  peer

                                around the corner and fear

                                the maybe-creature standing

                                under the spindly embrace of

                                the old oak tree

      2.  an intense or abnormal fear

                       of the normal; of


      •  beings on misty legs drifting

                       through crevices between

                       the ventricles the

                       thalamus running

                       laps in twisted shapes

                       without legs


                       the hippocampus wandering

                       through the entwining maze of

                       the frontal lobe through the cerebrum

                       running gentle hands through

                       the soft matter of the brain and out

                       through the skull

                       and into the light fracturing

                       through wet pupils

                             •  there are ghosts, in my brain

                                              making beds out of

                                              tangled neurons- eating

                                              thoughts and words out of

                                              a bowl of synapses,

                                              riding electrical currents to

                                              the front of my mind, telling

                                              me through mist-filled lips and

                                              soulless eyes and

                                              chilled fingers 


      •  the past

                 º  cannot be forgotten.

Author Bio: Kay Lee is a tenth-grader attending Korea International School in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently putting together her writing portfolio and was recently accepted into Juniper's Young Writers Program.

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