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Yoana Tosheva

the candent core of summer lodges itself at the base

of my throat like a tumor that won’t let go

but anneals itself slowly into new seasons.


again and again the year repeats like

a tick, a habit that serves no purpose but

to comfort itself. it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.


after I shower, I examine the body for new

bruises. splashes of moss green on my shin,

magenta on the foot, a beautiful garnet on my right asscheek.


all my old bodies rest in the corner – unhung and unattended to.

no matter how many times we move I never forget them.

I like to remember who she used to be, the different


versions people still like to refer to.

there are so many skins – some burnt or ashen

 or stretched like leather, coming all the way from the homeland.


this isn’t so bad, I tell her, though she cannot hear me

as I get ready to shed another casing,

wriggling around – a feral animal.


when it is done, I look again.

the dry heat is palpable in waves in the distance.

I am a mirage, an oasis – the moment you close in you’ll realize


I was scarcely even here.

Author Bio: Yoana Tosheva does not drink pop, but if she did, it would be Coke that has been sitting open in the fridge for over a day so all the bubbles are gone. She is a student, an immigrant, and an artist. Her work has been published in Yes Poetry, Constellate Literary Journal, Right Hand Pointing, Anser Journal, Sixty Inches From Center, Trampoline, Red Fez and elsewhere. She runs a blog about music which you may peruse at Her visual art can be found on Instagram @yoana_art.

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