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Dead Skunk Logo: round logo of a white skunk silhouette on a black background with the words “Dead Skunk” in cursive. “Dead” is neon purple and “Skunk” is neon yellow.


Followers and fans of Dead Skunk Mag will be pleased to know that Issue 1 is alive and well, relaxing on the other side of the road with a cup of [insert your favorite beverage]. There were a couple close calls (people really should slow down and check their mirrors) but the first issue of DSM is ready to run free through the literary wilds. Follow the swirling aroma of excellent writing to the cozy booth in the back and enjoy the free smells. This edition is packed with amazing creations from a diverse bunch of incredibly talented writers. Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who contributed to Issue 1 and made the first lit mag that doesn’t stink a reality!


Stay Skunky,

Suzanne Samples & E. Samples


To experience the smoothest, most vivid scents please avoid inhaling Issue 1 in one large gasp from your mobile device.

Content Warning

We couldn't be Dead Skunk without a little blood and guts. Issue 1 contains pieces which reference death, violence, abuse, anger, depression, illness, and assault. There's a lot of grit along the highway - Mind how you go.

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