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Isabella Melians (she/her) is a junior attending school in south Florida. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Fever DreamsNonBinary Review, the B’K, and Southchild Lit. She is also the managing editor for Armonía Mag and a poetry editor for Outlander ZineKalopsia Literary, and Midlight Mag. Insta: @isabellam_04 

Red cut-out cardboard stars on white background.



Test 1

if we run with yarn in our fingertips

and trace paths through deer antlers,

can we birth a harp?


mother will likely snip the knots away

in the morning,

but don't let that frighten you,

my dearest robin


Test 2

i scheduled a tire change on

august 30 (at approximately 7pm).

the sun sets at 6:30, so we have around

half an hour to make our advances on the roof


will you be joining me?

i promise to dust the ants off of your shoes,

and to light your cigarette


send your response via email


Test 3

there's a crow on the patch of

grass where you last slept-

what an accusatory thing


i'll leave lilacs at the base of your feet,

pluck gum off your stone,

and promise to visit more often

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