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Author’s Note: Hi! Thanks for reading my writing. For full understanding of the poetry and my life experiences I would like to clarify I do not have a speech impediment and rather a tendency to stutter when nervous.

Bio: Eve Robin Kaplan is a rising ninth grader at Cate School. She is a Co Editor in Chief of GirlTalk Magazine. Eve's work has been featured in Spearhead Magazine, Teen Ink, Fem Magazine and Bindweed Magazine. She lives in Los Angeles, California, plays beach volleyball, sews and debates politics with everyone she meets. My favorite soda is LaCroix. Website:

Retro gold microphone on a table with a teal background



Wh-When I was trying to

Ex-ex-explain why

She laughed.

I know you don’t


You don’t notice.

Wh-When my words don’t simple come out


They br-break apart as I speak

It’s because,

Rather than justifying,

I-I ignore it

Ta-talk louder

Laugh over-over the mistakes

So they don’t notice,

The in-inconsistent texture of my speech

So they don’t se-see

The notes app

Trying to help me speak.

The notes app

Telling me how to vocalize

With-without interrupting myself

I-I know I undermine my thoughts

Sometimes I write what I need-need to say

Before I say it

That makes it easier to hide

How ev-everyone else can talk without

Road bumps

But me.

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