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Dead Skunk Logo: round logo of a white skunk silhouette on a black background with the words “Dead Skunk” in cursive. “Dead” is neon purple and “Skunk” is neon yellow.

Author Bio: During the last five years I have taught English Language Learners and taken multiple courses at Gotham Writers. I'm a writer, an artist, a teacher, Master Educator, mother of two daughters, and a member of SCBWI. My illustrative works have been featured in The Syndrome Magazine, Wingless Dreamer, Alchemy Literary Magazine, Flying Ketchup Press, and Beyond Words Literary Magazine. And because you asked...My favorite kind of pop is Coke because I'm a purist and I like a drink that can get rid of car rust. :)

Ice skating rink, view of a pair of legs from mid-shin down wearing white ice skates and black tights paused in skater’s pose.



I rush out the door

in the car

through the house

I am a hurricane.


When the girls are at school

and Ben is at work

and it’s just me

I feel the quiet.

It swallows me whole.


This house that we decorated together

no longer feels “charming”

it isn’t the shelter of protection we designed.

I go to Bee’s

I bring soup that she will probably pour down the drain

after it sits untouched.

I clean the dishes

put her clothes in the laundry.

I rush out the door

in the car—

I pick up the girls

I drop them off

at dance


ice skating.

I make small talk and appointments.

Sometimes I’m surprised that I can smile so widely

that I can convince everyone

that my entire world hasn’t changed.

That night

I make him show me the other emails

the ones I didn’t find

he does what I say

but he asks, “How is this helping?”

I don’t respond

because I don’t know.

Header image Karla Caballero from Getty Images Pro

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