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The truth is a backhanded

trophy, which is to say, I’ve

been bloodied by its ring

hand for voicing opinions,

for correcting the

obviously wrong.

This trophy is cobwebbed

and tarnished, stored behind

shinier, more perfectly inscribed models.

Lips bulge bright blue with the aftermath

of the reflection of being right.

What do we win?

When does it start

to feel better

than telling a lie?



Kevin LeMaster

Author Bio: Kevin lives in South Shore Kentucky. His poems have been found at SheilaNaGig online, Heartwood Literary Review, The Slipstream, Triggerfish Critical Review, Route 7 Review, West Trade Review, The Big Window Review, Santa Clara Review and others. He has work forthcoming in Internet Void and the anthology, I Heard A Cardinal Sing. His work in "Rubicon: Words and art inspired by Oscar Wildes De Profundis" was nominated for a Pushcart prize.

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