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Glossary: Hurricane

1) n.
tracks two ways,

dark rum                           when I moved here they
light rum                           said the storms were
simple syrup                      an inevitability, and that
passion fruit juice              a hurricane party is the best
orange juice                       kind. and yet yet yet yet yet.
lime juice                           those that stayed, those that
grenadine                          stayed

                    a strong drink that

                    creeps up, slamming into us

                    as we get older

                    and the party isn't what it used to be

2) v.

The deployment of hurricane aid is contentious on the gulf coast. Where should money go, if not to those places that have the most people? And yet the just over 6,000 people (in 2019) of Louisiana's largest parish are forgotten, even in Laura and Delta's wake. Ida hit on the aftermath of Katrina, and yet. yet. yet. yet. yet. yet no one remembers Rita except for those in Southwest Louisiana.

3) adj.
It seems like every season is going to be a bad hurricane season, now. They call it the Brown Ocean effect; it's a warming of coastal waters because wet soil retains heat better than open ocean, and now we have hurricanes that will stay category three four five three four five hours after landfall. Fire, rain, lonely nights that I thought would never end. The milky way over Houma, seen only because there's no light pollution.



Nonah Cagney Palmer

Author Bio: Nonah Cagney Palmer is a poet, feminist gadfly, and PhD student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she grew up saying Coke but now, inexplicably, says soda. She's @NonahCagney on Twitter, and most other places, as well. She mains a healer (for now).

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